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Jul 09 2011

Daily 5s: Week 2 of Institute

Yes, I missed a day. Let’s not talk about it, ok friend?

July 5, 2011
Met my kids today, and they were all really well behaved. Though this probably won’t last…
N was super shy and didn’t want to contribute, but she gets a huge smile on her face when she knows the answer :)
My kids’ reading assessments weren’t nearly as dire as I was afraid they might be!
My CMA gave me some great advice to make lesson planning more efficient.
I’m gonna get to bed downright EARLY tonight!

July 7, 2011
Despite only 4 hrs of sleep, I think I was high (enough) energy in my classroom!
Done doing reading assessments!
My kid’s average reading level is a grade 6 (they just finished 7th grade, so not that bad)
My CMA gave me helpful feedback for next week’s lessons

July 8, 2011
After reading in small groups first thing in the morning, more of my kids participated in class!
A student said a VERY inappropriate thing in class (which he got a warning for) but it’s given me plenty of laughs since!
I’m going to bed and NOT setting an alarm!
Clean sheet day!
I made it through week 2 of institute!

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